Freelancer Podcast Producer
March 2016 - Present 

I once read something about about how you can use your day job to fund your passion. My passion is storytelling, and my medium of choice is podcasting. As side from producing my own podcast, One New Message, I started to produce business related shows and provide guidance.  

The quick hits:

  • Consult with client and see what their vision is
  • Provide resources for editing podcasts and hosting
  • Offer full editing and production services.

Electronic Performance Support Designer
January 2016 - Present 

You know how when you buy some fancy new tech and it comes with a quick start guide? That's what I do over at the CRA. We dig through the policy, talk to the experts, and the people who are masters at their trade and help fill the mind gap.

The quick hits:

  • Meet with our partners and employees to find knowledge gaps
  • Write copy and design solutions for 45,000 employees
  • Create engaging multimedia presentations for our partners
  • Facilitate webinars informing employees on how to use the tools we have developed

Style Adviser
May 2015 - January 2016

I thought this would be your typical retail job, but I was proven wrong. When I joined the Frank & Oak (now stylized as Frank + Oak), they were just getting their footing in the brick and mortar world, which meant that change was constant and new things were constantly being attempted.

The quick hits:

  • Acted as an ambassador for the website, apps and Hunt Club
  • Advised customers on the products and trends in a pressure free manner
  • Participated in store flips and pop-up shops organization.
  • Actively participated in all merchandising activities such as stock maintenance, orders, receiving and folding
  • Managed the social media pages for the Ottawa store and scheduled content on a weekly basis

Director of Communications
May 2014 - December 2014

The quick hits:

  • Coordinated all Council marketing and communications including newsletters and website
  • Acted as Editor-in-Chief of the Philanthropy Journal
  • Created and executed the Council communications strategy and work plan as advised by the Executive Director
  • Responsible for coordinate all survey and feedback mediums associated with Council operations and events both internal and external
  • Collaborated with the communications professionals including stakeholder and engaged third-party organization


One New Message

A podcast I started with Craig Lord about voicemails that were never left. We produced a short anthology of 10 episodes that went live in February of 2016. The podcast was featured in Audible Feast, 2 Pods 1 Day, and RadioPublic. 

Carleton's Accessible Fitness Fund

Successfully crowdfunded $6500 to purchase accessible fitness equipment for the Carleton University Athletic Centre. During this process, I was successfully able to get our story in local media such as The Charlatan, Metro Ottawa, and CBC Ottawa. I was ale to successful purchase an accessible chest press for the Carleton University as well as sparking a conversation about accessibility on the Carleton campus.


Adobe Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Social Media Management: HootSuite, Buffer, Latergramme 
Email Marketing:
Podcasting: Hindenburg Journalist, Izotope RX
Website Development: HTML, Markdown, WordPress, Squarespace


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science